Flexible React Components at Any Scale

I’ve been working with React components for about the last 3 years now, with a variety of different state-management conventions being employed, from internal state to object literals to Backbone models to Redux. One of the things I enjoy the most about React is the simplicity of swapping out templates based on whatever logic you want to use. You can have functions that are conditionally called and output template fragments, you can inline your logic as part of a template itself, or you can have entirely different components to render your output conditionally, based on some logic determined by a parent component.
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To Bootstrap, or Not to Bootstrap…

We have a new product we’re apparently looking to spin off here at work, and as part of that conversation, someone threw out the words “Twitter Bootstrap“. For those of you not familiar with Bootstrap, it’s a predefined set of (both stylistic and javascript) visual components¬†and layout scaffolding that makes it fairly quick and easy to prototype websites, and is pretty snazzy in appearance to my developer’s eye, though you might hear differently from designers. Continue reading