Oh, Happy Day!

A little while ago, I got word via email that my proposal for a presentation at jQuery Conference this year had been approved! This will be my first time attending a conference like this as a speaker, so I’m both nervous and excited. The topic of my presentation will be on getting the most of out jQuery widgets, and will be a rundown of some tips and tricks I’ve either learned or come up with over time, as well as some best practices as far as coding style and development practices when working with the jQuery widget factory.

Additionally, I’ve been working on a new blog post, which has gotten long enough that I’m considering posting it in multiple pieces (all at once) to keep each one a little more easy-to-swallow in size, and to keep the topics cohesive, yet loosely coupled (imagine that!). Be on the lookout for an upcoming series of articles discussing javascript object instances, primitive types, prototypes, and encapsulation!

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