My First jQuery Conference Presentation

So, I did my presentation for the Austin jQuery conference earlier today. Being my first time presenting at anything like this, and being fairly introverted, I think it’s being generous to say I was merely nervous. “Scared shitless” might be a more accurate phrase, which is good, because being shitless, I couldn’t crap my pants right there on stage. My voice was shaky throughout, my breathing was uneven, and I was sweating buckets by the end of it (a combination of the heat-lamp spotlight and my nerves), but I got it done, and got everything out that I wanted to say.

I only had 1 person ask a question during Q&A, and wrapped up a few minutes early, but did have several people tell me in person that they thought it was a good presentation. Hopefully it came across a lot better than it seemed up on that stage. I’d present again at a future conference, provided I could get in more practice with my presentation, now that I have a better feel for what I need to crack down on with regards to presenting.

For anybody interested, the slide deck is available at:

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